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Hey I am removing my cv joints on my 1995 sts and I was wondering how the cv joints remove from the transmission. Do I need a special tool to undo the boot and when the boot is undone do the cv joints pull out or is it more complicated than this.

Thank You for the help

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Yeah, I was wondering about that myself, as I expect to have that job coming up on my '99 next year. According to Barry94, in response to your other post, they just "pop" in and "pop" out. I hope it's that way for my 99 when I get to that point.

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Remove the spindle nut and then disconnect the strut from the knuckle (mark the strut to knuckle interface - a line across the front as well as marking the sides) so you don't lose the alignment.

The axle half-shaft will then pull out of the transmission - you can use a slide-hammer with an attachment to fit into the grooves or a pry-bar.

If you replace the whole half-shaft, make sure the boots are the same type as the OEM. Many times, the aftermarket parts have a very soft rubber boot instead of the molded plastic. The soft boots do not have a long life...

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On my '95 etc, i recently replaced both drive axles. I used a rented slide-hammer type puller. One side was a lot harder to access (I think it was the driver side) and was stubborn as well. So much so, that I had to find an alternative, and did. The inner cv joint, where you have to hook onto to make the slide hammer work, also has what I will call 'valleys' , in other words the part of the cv inner joint that is nearest to the transmission is not round, but has undulations (can't think of a better word). After trying for a while to pop it in the normal way, I was able to get the hook from the puller, to wedge in one of those low spots and a slight pry against the tranny popped it. I repeat ... slight!. You do not want to damage the tranny housing.

So, hopefully if will go smoother for you, but work arounds 'r us.

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