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Can't Get the Windows to work!

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Ok, I'm stumped... what do you do when your A/C Compressor thinks it is low on coolant so it shuts it's self off, and the windows won't work once the interior reaches 85 degrees? I have charged the A/C to the danger point but still receive the coolant warning so I assume it is a sensor, but the windows have me baffled. As soon as things cool off they work again.

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The sensors give a whole lot less trouble than the things that they monitor. The first thing to look at are the OBD codes. Run the codes (see link in my signature block) and post the codes here. That will likely tell the tale.

But, from here, without information from the OBD trouble codes, it sounds more like a blocked or clogged dryer or expansion valve, or perhaps a bad compressor. I had the same problem with mine at about 100,000 miles, and it turned out that the reed valves in my A/C compressor had retired in a persuasive manner. But, the OBD codes will give us a pretty good idea of what is going on.

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As far as the A/C system goes, it sounds like you're using one of those low side gages that is color coded to indicate the system charge? If so, those are worse than worthless - the high side pressure can be approaching the point at which the high pressure relief valve will open to vent the refrigerant, yet the "gage" will still show "normal".

Check to see if any codes are stored in the diagnostics - I suspect the only one will be the low refrigerant code but it is still worth a try just to see if there might be something that will provide a clue.

There is a section in the factory shop manual that details troubleshooting of the power windows. You'll need to wait until the windows won't work and then start troubleshooting. My off the cuff guess would be a problem with the master switch unit on the driver's door but it is a $75.00 part through gmotors.com so if it were my car, I'd troubleshoot it in detail before throwing a part a it.

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