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How do I Remove my Governer on my 02' Deville?

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How do I Remove my Governer on my 2002 Deville?

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When I bought my 1997 ETC, the dealer said that if I didn't want the 125 mph governor, I should (1) get some Z-rated tires and (2) come to the dealer with those tires on the car and have them do it with a Tech II. I don't know of anyone actually succeeding in getting a dealer to do this. I've heard tales that this entails re-flashing the PCM and other modules with the VIN of a different car, which I have trouble believing.

I take it that you have a 9 in position eight of your VIN. I see from your profile that you are very interested in maximizing performance. Please tell me that it's not a Y.

One thing that can help is replacing the stock mufflers with some stainless steel super-turbo mufflers like Borla and others sell. Some dealers will put those on new cars for buyers that request that, with GM blessing (and big banner ads hung around the service area of the dealership). I use Borla XS series mufflers, which are straight-through; they may not be legal in some States although I've had many complements and no complaints on my car's exhaust note.

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