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88 Eldorado surging accelerator

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I have a 88 Eldorado that given to me by a friend. The car sat for 5 years in his shop un-used during that time. He said they replaced the fuel pump just to get it running, but did nothing else to it.

The car runs good after its run about 10 mins or so. But typically, when you first start it up, the idle will surge up and down. You can see the ICS pulsing in and out pushing on the throttle. If you drive it in this condition, the throttle continues to pulse, and sometimes it will miss real bad. The computer code shows "E023 current" while this is happening.

I posted this on another forum, and was told to check the EGR valve, and related vacuum system. I did that and found the EGR vacuum hose not attached. The plastic nipple on a related solenoid/switch had broken off. I was able to superglue the plastic back together and reattach the hose. There is another place to connect a hose, but I'm not sure where it should connect? See image below. The top hose is the one I glued back on the pink hose is a small hose I used to block off the other port.


Here's a view of the switch/solenoid off the car.


I also removed the egr valve to check it. I can open and close the valve by pushing on the diaphragm. Other than being a little dirty on the exhaust port side I don't see anything wrong with it.


SO....I'm sort of stuck now and don't know what to do. A new EGR is 70 bucks. Not sure how much that solenoid costs, but I have a feeling that, and the missing vacuum line is probably what I should focusing on. Anyone know where that second vacuum port is suppose to attach?

Am I on the right track here, or should I be checking testing something else? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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