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AC-heater blower motor


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I have a 1992 Seville that the AC- heater blower motor runs with the car off. I've come out of the house 15 minutes after turning the car off and the blower motor is running, and stays running for about 10 minutes. Anyone had this happen in their Cadi, and know how to fix it?


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You need a blower controle module, more than likely. It is a 5-sided module (about 5" long), facing down in your blower duct, in front of your firewall, about in the middle. It has a fairly large electrical connector coming out of the tope of it. Its about $ 160 from a dealer, try finding the part number and sourcing from GMpartsdirect.com, to save some money. I pulled the fuse, to cut it out whilst getting the replacement part.

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This might be a normal condition to clear out moisture after the A/C has operated (assuming it shuts off OK after a while).

You may want to search on "afterblow", the following is one topic that came up with a lot or information.


Good Luck ! ;)

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The afterblow feature was not available in '92. I would tend to lean toward a blower control module.

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