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how do you clear history code


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Am I missing something on clearing history code? I go through the current codes (no codes) then go through the prompts till I get to the clear codes, hit the up button and I get the message codes cleared. Then I go back and check and I still have the same history code S044 lift and dive signal fault. It has been there since I got the car. So can some one tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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After you clear the code do you drive the car and then check your codes or you check your codes when the car is stationary?

I have both the SO61 and SO62 history codes showing. When I clear them and check again, I receive nothing. But when I clear them and drive for a while and check for codes they appear again. In fact my codes should appear as current not history because the problem is not solved. If you cleared the code and didn't drive after that, then the code shouldn't appear when you enter the diagnosis the second time. If you drive between the two diagnosis attempts then what you see is normal, which is similar to my case.

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