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new just bought a 1992 STS...


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Hey guys I just bought a 1992 Cadillac Seville STS for a grand total of $400. Has 175 on chassis and about 60,000 on the actual motor. The Clear coat on the paint is shot, the radio has to be replacd, A/C needs to be worked on, there is no Shift konb, and both front seats have cracking and very slight tearing. But for $400 you cant complain too much!

It runs like a champ and has a "new" motor, a new starter, a new radiator, and a new A/C compressor.

Coming up Monday, The car will receive new plugs/wires, new air filter and fully synthetic fluids (oil and ATF). Then I can start working on cosmetics and stereo.

Dont really have to many plans with this car other than to drive it and get it back into very good condition.

I just wanted to know what was out there as far as performance for these vehicles. Chips, exhaust, intakes, etc. anything. Also what about appearance, anything to help appearance. (not that its an ugly car or anything!).


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As stated many times on this board, the most important thing is to drain the radiator and to use the Caddy pellets or Barsleak gold which should be placed in the upper or lower radiator hose. Corrosion caused by "worn out" radiator fluid can cause a lot of grief.

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What color?

With the clear-coat shot, like you say, it probably cannot be "detailed back to life", but how about some pics?

I realize there are mechanical querks to work out before you invest in the looks of the car, but a set of newer Caddy wheels (Cardio-doc can really hook you up there- see the link on the main page) will really bring the car up to speed. I believe the wheels are the only thing that makes the earlier STS's look dated, however those older wheels do give the car a nice stance in there own right.

Something that tends to go on these cars to is the lights. Namely the LED light bar along the trunk lid, and the stop lamp/turn signal bulb sockets. Again, see the main Caddyinfo page, and there you will find a link to Logan's site. He repairs those LED lights for a bargan. The sockets can be replaced, or if you are good with electric stuff, the grounds are what goes, and can be rigged up to shape again. Someone discovered a replacement for these sockets that beats the stock ones...do a search on "sockets" or something like that to find the post. This is assuming your Seville has these common lighting problems, of course!

Lots of guys here have gone with Flowmaster or Magna-Flow Super Turbo mufflers to give the car a more muscular sound. The SuperTurbos, in my oppinion, are the best choice, for they are more refined in moderate driving than the Flowmasters, however really growl when you push it.

I hope I answered some of your questions.

Welcome to the board!!

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Thanx for the info, I am about to go and pick her up today. I'll try to get some pics up soon. When I was talking about bringing the paint back I actually ment to have her stripped and re-painted. and There are some interior querks that need to be rid of. All in good time my friend.

I am just so glad that I have something other than the POS 1986 Honda Accord Dx that keeps giving me nothing but problems (b/c the last owner treated it like crap) and does nothing for me me except take my money. I spent my last dollar on that thing and am ready to park it and try and get rid of it for a couple hundred.

I probably will go with the magnaflo super turbo muffler like you said, It seems to be pretty good. About the tail lights....Well the actual tail lights are all weathered and crack, and I forgot to check the LED bar, but I am pretty sure its missing some sections. I plan on nightshading the rear tails and leaving the led bar.

By the way the Car is black with a camel interior.

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I have the same car you have! I recently put a Flowmaster 80 series muffler on it and it sounds great. I am still breaking it in, but it seems to get deeper and better sounding every day! I love it. It really sounds like a muscle car!

18 Year Old Male

Black 1992 STS 4.9L

90,XXX Miles

Flowmaster 80 series muffler :D

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If I had the occasion to start over i think i would go with Double H's "Prince of Darkness" concours. Black on Black..... everthing on that car was black, right down to the rims. Man that looked hot... darn hot! Get all the basics replaced and then go for broke. Of course that's always easy to say when it isn't your own money. Welcome to the board.


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Thanx alot guys. I plan on going with magnaflo super turbo mufflers with an increased diamater y pipe and no resonator.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I plan on going to get all the fluids changed on monday, (Coolant, Tranny, and Oil.) and I plan on also adding a K&N drop in and plugs/wires.

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I did the magnaflows but with two and a half inch all the way through the tail pipes, leave the resonator it makes a big difference in the sound. K& N and remove the screen in the mass airflow sensor. You'll feel the difference.

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Forget the synthetic oil and trans. fluid and save your money. The car was designed, and tested at the factory with conventional lubricating oils.

Do a search in the archives on oil and filter by member "bbobynski" and read up. Also, go to the main page (www.caddyinfo.com) and search the old board for "Oil" and read up. Pay close attention to the posts by bbobynski.

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