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l986 Touring Coupe Devile


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I am new to the forum and have a '85 ElDo that I will be asking a lot of questions about and will greatly appreciate any and all help with information that I get.

Right now, I have a friend with an "86 Touring two-door Coupe Deville who is contemplating re-building, and would like to know how many of these particular models, with the category of "Touring Coupe", were built, and whether or not it would be worth his time and effort to refurbish the car.'

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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Hey, welcome to the board! I've got no idea on numbers of those cars but if your buddy really loves his car, it is kind of up to him if he feels it is worth rebuilding. I'm not completely certain but I would figure an 86 Coupe Deville is a pretty rare car to find in real minty condition. But where I'm from, most of those cars are long, gone, rusted, and forgotten. Maybe you are in a better climate :blink: .


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