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Automobile comparo between the CTS-V, S4, and M3 is here: http://automobilemag.com/reviews/0409_cadi...i_s4/index.html

They like the CTS-V. Cadillac sent them an 05 CTS-V, but it still has the axle tramp issue, only less. They picked the M3 as their favorite of the trio.


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Do you think that these types of criticisms can be eliminated. Given that the M3 and CTS-V are close in price, how is it that BMW can produce an interior that reflects a higher quality according to this review, like the controls, buttons and casting lines. With all the track testing Cadillac has done how do some of these flows exist; the hard shifter, the wheel tramp, especially the wheel tramp.. How can BMW do it for $50,000 but Caddy can't, is there a benefit with the currency values, dollar vs mark, I doubt it. While I was happy to see the CTS-V racing results last week, this review is disappointing, unless Cadillac responds.

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