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2000 Seville STS Front Speakers

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How can I find the speaker sizes for the 2000 Seville STS?

I have distortion in the left front drivers side and want to replace the speakers on that side. I'm 100% sure the one in the dash is bad, but I don't know what to order for a speaker.

Are they 2" Bose in the dash and 6.5 or 8 inch in the doors?


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The drill-down diagrams at http://www.compnine.com are great for this type question.



19 16267949 KS(UX8) SPEAKER,RDO FRT S/D(ACDelco #16267949) 02 1 * * $52.04 $0.00

020 25717924 KS,KY(UX9) SPEAKER,RDO FRT S/D(BOSE MANTA)(ACDelco #25717924) 02 1 Click * $227.67 $0.00

So the Bose is p/n 25717924. CompNine offers it for sale for $227. One might purchase from them to encourage them to continue the great website.

Searching google for that p/n and the term speaker I find http://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-speaker-25717924.html has it available for $150 plus S&H. I don't know that company, but they do advertise the part.

The one in the dash


013 25639892


016 25639890


Appears to be the same regardless of bose or not? And note there are 2 of item 16 and 1 of item 13 in the dash.


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