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Road test: 2011 BMW 550i

Bruce Nunnally

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Jeez, it’s nice to have BMW back. I had been missing the company these last few years, a period I’ll refer to from now on as the iDrive Debacle or, perhaps more appropriately, the long-lost Bangle decade.

It’s hard to believe a decade of sensuously styled BMWs was lost to Chris Bangle’s misguided notion that courting controversy was actually more important than improving the breed, that jarring and discordant were welcome adjectives as descriptors for his butt-first pennings and that, like the most obvious of art school ploys, it was better to be outlandish than actually artful.

Though BMW stood behind its then chief designer, the new-for-2011 5 Series stands as an internally-combusting testament that the Bangle years were a disaster. The Bangle Butt has been reduced to a bump and there’s not an ill-advised, comically misplaced strake to be found.

Read More: http://www.driving.ca/research-car/roadtest/Road+test+2011+550i/3024211/story.html

Updated link: http://www.nationalpost.com/Road+Test+2011+550i/3026067/story.html


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