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ReflectionsOfTheDrive: You will want to sponsor this event

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This event is, by far, my most anticipated automotive event every year. So please excuse me for a moment while I stray a bit from my usual event coverage and reviews.


Are you looking for a great opportunity to advertise your business to the automotive enthusiast community? Are you familiar with the Raging Bull Texas Stampede, now in its seventh year? Did you know it is possibly the best as well as the safest multi-day spirited driving event in the country?

If I have your attention and the below list gets your attention even more, email me at trent (at) reflectionsofthedrive.com

Registration and track fee include:

1. Spirited 789 mile drive through the hill country led by the Tourmaster
2. 137 miles of bonus runs for those who ‘Can’t Get Enough’
3. The experience of driving the most challenging and scenic country roads in Texas
4. Driving on nearly 200 miles of roads never driven before by any group
5. Experiencing the longest non-stop driving leg in Stampede history
6. The safest spirited driving tour in Texas, maybe the country
7. Tour of Austin’s best driving roads
8. Pre-arranged visit to private road course including several laps on the track
9. One hour driving class by driving instructor (pending finalizing arrangements)
10. The unmatched camaraderie of 35-50 of the coolest driving enthusiasts in Texas
11. Rush of adrenaline and numerous high-G turns over hundreds of miles
12. Several negative-G dips and zero-gravity humps (for the brave and fearless only)
13. Hundreds of miles of beautiful hill country scenery
14. Visit to an official border crossing station on the US/Mexico border
15. Pre-arranged visits at specially-selected restaurants with a variety of cuisines
16. Pre-arranged overnight accommodations with discounts, including one of the best cabin resorts in the hill country
17. Gathering around the (liar’s) firepit Saturday night
18. Planned surprises the Tourmaster cannot tell you about
19. Courtesy Vehicle to carry your luggage, other items, and extra tires
20. Paramedic and EMT traveling with group
21. Entire road trip previewed for road hazards
22. Detailed road maps of entire trip (between 15-20 pages)
23. Free products from Meguiar’s
24. Memories of an unforgettable weekend
25. The entire weekend is organized for you.

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2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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