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1997 DeVille Hubs

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Hey all, quick question! I Have noticed a slight squeak coming from I believe is the front wheel hubs on my DeVille. What it sounds like is rubber on rubber but I cannot find anything that is rubbing like that. I do have a slight shake in the wheel but everything else seems like it's working just fine. What would be the best way to tell if the hub bearings are going? I have read that you can put the vehicle on jack stands and grab a tire and see if there is any play in it. Is this the best way to determine bad hub bearings? Also wondering has anyone used the Bosch Oxygen Sensors that are floating around out there? I have one or two that I need to replace but will more than likely end up replacing them all (4) because once one goes the other three are soon likely to fail as well.

Thanks all in advance for your input!


Sean M.

1997 Cadillac DeVille

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Grab the wheel at 6:00 and 12:00. If there is any play, the bearings are bad OR find an empty road and pull the wheel left and right like a NASCAR driver warming his tires. If a bearing is bad, the offending bearing will get noisier when loaded and quiet down when unloaded.

Use an A/C Delco sensor. I wouldn't put a Bosch anything in my car.

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