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Onstar trying to get customers back

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I recieved this e-mail from OnStar:

"Dear Mr. JohnnyG,

OnStar®1 wants to help you protect what matters the most on the road. And to do that, we're making it easier and more affordable to turn on your OnStar service.

Right now, you can return to the OnStar family and save 30%. Drive with total confidence for just $12.952 a month or $149 for a whole year.

OnStar responds to 10,000 emergency calls every month, and we have been there for 276 million calls from our subscribers.

Every second, we help people. From issues like getting locked out of their car to automatically sending emergency responders to those who have been in a crash and can't call for themselves.

But we can't help you and your passengers because your system is currently disconnected.

Push your blue button to reconnect your system and enjoy the peace of mind that OnStar provides. Plus, if you activate right now, you can save 30%.


Scott Kubicki

Director of OnStar Subscriber Services"

I'm certain that this is a limited time offer, though it doesn't say so in the e-mail. Now if that was a FOREVER price, I'd consider it very seriously.

Edited by Bruce Nunnally

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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Sorry for the extra stuff at the bottom, didn't realize it was there until too late.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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