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Thanks guys!! 10 years old and never been used. Still had the factory tie on it. Just had to fish it through to the grille.

Appreciate it!!!


Glad to be of help.


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I too am trying to figure out if my Escalade has a block heater.  If not I will be buying an oil pan heater.  I went to the suggested site up above, but I really don't want to pay to find this out.   Looks like I will be headed to my mechanic so he can put it on his lift and we can look around to see what we can find.

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Fastest way is to look at the RPO build sticker. KO5 is for the factory block heater. 

Some were dealer installed....those would not be listed on the RPO sticker. 

Other way is to look at the block....drivers side toward rear end of the V. 

If the engine is a 8.1L....it is in a different place. Pic shows for 4.8, 5.3 and 6.0L engines. 


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Bought my '02 used, 6.0 engine.  No build sticker to be found.  I have a funny feeling one wasn't installed though.  Will find out once I can take it to the mechanic

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Not to be confused with the window sticker.... Every GM vehicle has a RPO sticker. It shows all the option and color codes specific to that vehicle VIN #.

They used to be on metal plates riveted to the car body eons ago...Not sure when they went to stickers. I think some GM trucks had stickers as far back as the late 60's.

I think on the Escalade it is on the inside of the glove box door. 

The factory block heater option code is KO5. 


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That is very helpful, thank you!  Is there a web site that lists all of the options on the RPO sticker by chance?

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