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Rain Guards for a '95 Eldorado Biarritz?

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searched everywhere for rain guards for my 95 eldorado, not one site has had them for any eldorado, does anyone know where i can fond them, or know of a car with a similar enough roofline that i can make it fit? i cant be the first with this problem! thanks!

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Any Eldorado owner knows what happens if you drive with water on the roof while the window is open: the first time you stop you will flood the armrest and its electrical switches. But rain guards for a hard top? I don't expect you'll have much luck with that search. :wipetears



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I have been looking for a set for my Eldo for a while, and haven't had any luck. Mine has a cloth top. I hate it because I can't even open my windows after I wash my car. The cloth top holds onto so much water that it floods the door panels as soon as I open a window. It's even worse in the rain. I'm one of those people who always has to have a window cracked for fresh air, even if it's -10 degrees out. I'm honestly thinking about fabricating my own set of rain guards for my car.


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Not sure if these are what yall are after but go to their website and give them an email or a call and see if they in fact do make them for the Eldo. I have seen them on so many cars but have never noticed if they made em for the your car.


Hope this helps folks.


Sean M.

1997 Cadillac DeVille

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yea ive tried there and emailed them about the rain guards (yea the ones for over driver/passenger windows) its amazing that they dont, i know the angle is odd and theres not too much area to connect them but i think if i can find ones close enough i can heat them up and fabricate them to fit the car, i love this car and dont want this small thing to keep pissin me off when i turn or hit the brakes

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