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1934 Cadillac rolling chassis

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Oftentimes when I meet up with my friend (and Hemmings Classic Car columnist) David Schultz for a chat, talk turns to rebodied big-C Classics – that is, closed-car bodywork scrapped in favor of open-car bodywork, V-8 cars placed on V-12 chassis, etc. It’s a giant headache for the people in the Classic Car Club of America, not only because it muddles the history of those great cars, but also because many great closed bodies get unceremoniously discarded. I assumed, out of naivete, that this was something done in decades past, but I seem to be mistaken, after coming across this 1934 Cadillac V-12 chassis for sale on Hemmings.com. From the seller’s description:

Read More: http://www.globalpost.com/webblog/wheels/hemmings-find-the-day-%E2%80%93-1934-cadillac-chassis


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my dad grew up 60 miles NW of new york city. worked at small garages and had many cars. used to service a local duesenburg and drove it on a number of occasions. he also owned a mid-30's V12 caddy that had a ford flathead V8 installed. i guess the original motor was removed for various reasons. he did not recall what trans was in the car. only had it for a short while.

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