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Car dies when stopped at redlight or stopsign


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does anybody else 1990 cadillac brougham shakes & act like it's going to shutoff while stoped at a red light but only when the engine is warmed up & hot some times it does shutoff but starts right back up then shut's off again then start right back up anybody had or have this problem :huh:

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Sorry to hear that you have trouble with your car, perhaps I’m not the right person to give the correct model specific troubleshooting.

Did this problem come at once or have it getting worse during some time?

Idling problem can indicate vacuum leak, this should also be noticeable at overrun (small leaks makes most impact on low rpm overrun). Leaks should be on the engine side of the throttle (butterfly valve).

The heat can indicate ignition problem, faulty ignitioncoil och pickup sensor for engine management. Actually an engine stroboscope timing lamp is a good indicator, not only for timing but faulty readouts.

Make a careful visual inspection of vaccum tubes, PCV (positive crankshaft valve) and EGR if that is used on your engine. Then staterspray can be used for searching for leaks, spray some spray close to the tubes. If engine rev up it’s a leak close to where you sprayed.

But it can also be a dosen of other problem causing this. Lambdaregulation faulty, at idle temp drops to and worn sensors might give faulty readouts. At low engine temp, engine management are more willing to go back to hardcoded values at low engine temp.

I’m not sure if your Cadillac has the powerful OBD that can tell you fault codes directly reported from the electronic systems in your car.

But also, never trust what have been done before. Previous owners might have missed regular service such as spark plugs, or even worse replaced and fitted the wrong type causing worse performance and lifetime.

Check this up, and then we can go ahead with more trouble shooting.

STS 2005 V8 (1SF)

Sedan DeVille 1995 4.9L

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First of all you should check your codes. Not to be rude, but I believe that you should post this topic in the main forum, simply because the great majority of the members are Americans :)

To check the codes:


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