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Yesterday my car was running hot so I pulled over to check the level of coolant and was low so I put some. I kept driving and then got a message of low coolant level so I pulled over once more and noticed a crack leaking steam and coolant coming out of the upper radiator hose. I changed it and was looking at the temperature all the way home. It was mostly staying on 197 while driving but then would go up to 199 then 201, 199, and then back down to 197/196. It also goes up when stationed and goes up al the way to 222 or 226 and then works its way back down. Is that normal or could it maybe be that the thermostat might be going out?

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My car pretty much sits at 196 all the time. That's normal. I find that driving slower at about 30mph can bring my temp gauge up to 199. Parked and idling the car, my temp gauge will go up to about 215 or so and the fans cool it off to normal temps again. If I keep sitting it'll rise and fall like that.

When you change your coolant like that, air bubbles need to work out of the system and I've noticed that the temps can spike while that happens. I know when I did mine, I had a spike of 221 or 225 or so and was starting to sweat about it.

I don't think that sounds unusual, especially with a new coolant change and air bubbles working their way out. If it was my car I would just watch it over the next couple days and see what it does.

WARNING: I'm a total car newbie, don't be surprised if I ask a stupid question! Just trying to learn.


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196 is normal but LOW normal Normal ranges from 196 to 205 and it can rise to 212 to 220 in traffic

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My '99 Seville too... and I have already changed head gaskets, water pump and belt, thermostat, hoses...

But idling and slow traffic will bring the temp gauge a little bit over the middle-position and it goes down when I continue driving or if I bring the rpm up to 2000 for about 5-10 seconds. If I do nothing it may need a little bit longer to get back to middle position (middle is about 196 F ??)

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