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I'm new to the forum, so thanks for the opportunity. I recently retired and purchased my first cadillac--a 1986 sedan deville. I live in Upstate, New York, but the car came from Florida. The body is in top shape, but it sat for a long time and needs mechanical tlc. One of the major problems at the moment is the main brake line from the master cylinder to the rear of the car. It popped somewhere in the frame the frist time I s tepped on the brake pedal. I can replace the line without too much trouble, but is there anything special that needs to be done when bleeding the brakes. I understand this car has some type of brake pressurization unit.

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Welcome to the forum. There is nothing special about brake system of your Deville. Bleed the longest line first while watching the level of DOT3 in the master cylinder reservoir.

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