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93 Sedan De Ville ignition switch question.

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Hi I am new to the forums and am very glad to see that there are some enthusiast out there for these wonderful cars. I have been trying to help my Father fix his 1993 Sedan De Ville. We are trying to find out how we can replace the ignition switch. We are not sure where it is located. I am assuming it is located in the steering column. I would greatly appreciate any help in this matter as I would love to help him get his trusty old friend back on the road.

Thanks again.

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The "switch" is down nearer the base of the column under the dash and actuated by a rod from the lock cylinder.

Do you have to remove the steering wheel and all to get to it or can it be replaced without removing the wheel and air bag?

Thank you so much for you help Ranger

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No need to remove the steering wheel. Just the knee bolster so you can get under the dash as best as I can recall.

Thank you so very much Ranger for the great information. It was not the switch at all. We figured out that it was a safety feature that was causing it from starting. There was not enough water in the system. Filled that up and now it works like a charm. Thanks again for the help.

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I agree. Low coolant will NOT prevent the car from starting. Your coolant system could be bone dry and the car would still start (I would never suggest trying though. Very bad idea.) The car starting and working right after you filled the coolant/water seems more like a coincidence to me.


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