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Key stuck in the Ignition

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I cannot get my key out of the ignition nor will the gear shift lock in the park position. The car starts and drive fine however, when in park, and the car is on, I can move the gear shift without pressing in the gear unlock button on the gear shift. Once I have turned the car off, the key will not turn to the off position and I can move the gear shift without pressing in the gear unlock button. Additionally, I keep getting a notice that the Traction Control is not in service and that the security system need to be serviced. Any idea of what is happening here? Thanks for all replys.

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I know that most cars won't let you take the key out or turn it all the way off unless the car is in PARK or NEUTRAL, so that's probably why you can't get the key out.

You should read your diagnostic trouble codes and post them here. They may tell you something.

Here's a link that will tell you how. http://www.caddyinfo.com/readingcodes.html


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