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First, I would like to thank each of you for participating here on the CaddyInfo forum.

I am interested in hearing and exploring any ideas you might have about how to help more Cadillac owners or Cadillac fans find us here at CaddyInfo. No idea is dumb -- I think we need to brainstorm. We have the more capacity and I think we have the right look now, and the more people we have participate the better our community can become.

One idea I will continue to work is to invite more Cadillac related clubs to participate. I love the participation from Cadillac Club Sweden. Any Cadillac related group that would benefit from a subforum would be a good fit.

Contests here on the site in the past don't really draw new people, but I am open to more ideas on how to run a contest or give away that would draw new members.

I was thinking of a sort of 'bring a friend' contest and figure out a way to count new members based on referrals from current members, then reward the one(s) who bring the most friends.

If you have a website please consider adding a link to CaddyInfo.com, and/or including this

fairly comprehensive widget (click on get code to get linking code)

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Any ideas?


2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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