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I think I might be Cursed

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I'm posting this here because although car related, it is not Caddy related, so I didn't want to put it in the main forum.

When it comes to cars, I swear I'm cursed. Every vehicle I have driven has had some sort of major failure. Every car I have owned has ended up in the junkyard because of this "curse". All except my Caddy anyhow. I seem to finally have things taken care of with my car, but the "fun" isn't over yet.

For the last few weeks while my car was on the outs, I have been driving my father-in-law's car. It's a 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue with the 3.5 engine. (From what I hear it's basically a N* with 2 cylinders hacked off...)

First I notice within a few days of driving it, that one of the wheel bearings is starting to go. Apparently it's gotten pretty bad now because it's making the ABS act up.

Then last week, the power steering puked all over my driveway. The high pressure hose went bye-bye. My father-in-law had it taken to his mechanic and had it fixed. No big deal.

Then Yesterday, I took the car to my doctor's appointment. I get in it to leave and it's turning over, but won't start. The SES light is flashing on the dash. Luckily my brother's work is right next door so I walked over and asked for help. He came by, hooked his Tech II up to it. P0335-Crankshaft position sensor A circuit malfunction. What the crap? Apparently this car has 2 micro-sensors in one big sensor. A and B. If one goes, it faults to the other one and "guesses" based on engine timing....something like that anyway.

I managed to start the car by hitting the gas lightly while turning it over. It will only start now by doing this. My boyfriend called his father to explain the problem to him, and I get the "joy" of changing it. Apparently now that he knows I am capable of doing work on my own car, he would rather me do this job on his. It's not a rough job, but it's freezing outside, and now I get to climb under this car to change this Crank Position Sensor. I guess I owe it to him for letting me use his car for the last month or so.

It would figure, I finally get my car running right (or so it seems) and now I get to work on another one. Boy oh boy! I wouldn't care so much if it were summer. I have the worst luck when it comes to cars. I really do!

I apologize for the rant. I'm not asking for any help. I already know the exact procedure for changing this thing. I just needed to vent somewhere.dry.gif


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The Olds sounds more like it isn't driven much and is parked outside; that would seem more likely than just a "curse."

I would think that having an old car act up while you were using it to visit the doctor is not a recommendation that you work on it outside in the cold for free. If you had your own car on the road and the weather was good, and you had the time, then that would be another matter -- if your father-in-law had no other reasonable way to get his car fixed. Like a filling station mechanic that can work on the car inside at reasonable rates. But, that's just me.

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Well, I do still owe him some money for paying part of my car insurance, so this will be my repayment. It's not done for free really. Plus, he lives like 40 miles from me, and I can't see trying to get the car to his regular mechanic out there in the condition it's in. He's been more than helpful to me many times. Do I want to do it? Not really. But I will anyway because I feel like I owe him, and I'm just a nice person like that I guess.biggrin.gif


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I know what you mean by feeling "OBLIGATED"

I am the same way, if I am using someone else's stuff.

If something goes wrong with it, while I have it, I feel obligated to either fix it, or at the very least, help GET it fixed.

Thats one reason I very seldom borrow anything anymore.

Back when I was much younger, sometimes I had no choice.

If I couldn't afford to buy it... (and many times I couldn't)... I had to borrow it, so I understand where you are coming from.

Thankfully, those days are now pretty few and far between. :D :D

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Believe me, if I could I would have rather gone without a car for the last few weeks than have to drive someone else's. Not having a car just isn't an option for my house. My boyfriend's job is a 45 minute drive one way, that he has to make every week day. I have 3 kids to buy groceries for, bring to Dr. appointments, school, you name it. I'm just grateful I have someone who is willing to let me use his car for almost an entire month, especially considering it's his ONLY car. I'm not so grateful however for the car deciding to break down when it did. I think it's trying to make me look bad or something. blink.gif


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If I loaned my car out to someone and it had problems during the stay I would not expect them pay to have it fixed. On the other hand, if they were mechanically inclined and COULD fix it, I might let them. :bluesbrothers:

Carla, you might consider adding a portable halogen light or two; they give very bright light for car work, and put off some heat, which can make them pleasant to work around in a garage or under hood. NOT as good as summer time coming again of course.




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My brother has one. They are bright and they do get warm. I have to make a venture to the parts store to get the sensor anyway, so maybe I should grab one of them while I am out. Maybe if I'm lucky, they will have one at the parts store. Thanks for the suggestion Bruce!


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