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2000 sls abs issue

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hey everyone

new to this site and was hoping someone could help

just picked up 2000 sls and everything was good

took it to a self service wash and since then abs/traction control would come on once in a while

just thought it was a wet sensor from the car wash(hoping)

well, it went away for a day but it came back and now its just about automatic

also noticed steering is tougher and pedal pushes back once inawhile as if on ice

checked codes and see"abs 1221,1225,1232"

tried to search what these codes meant but didnt have any luck

was hoping someone could give me a link for the codes and maybe some possible scenerios(sensors,abs module ect.)

this is my second caddy(first was a 97 sts)and love the cars

hoping its something not that major

thanks for the time


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1221= LF Wheel Speed Sensor Input Signal is 0

1225= LF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation

1232= LF Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted

This pinpoints your problem to your left front wheel, or the wiring to it. My first thought would be the connector to the wheel hub, which is located behind the wheel (at least on cars I am familiar with). You would have to turn the steering wheel all the way to the right, and you should be able to see it then. Check for a loose connector or any bare spots in the wiring there. I'm not familiar with any other wiring on a 2000 but I am sure someone else will chime in and give you some good ideas on where else to start checking.


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I cannot say what the codes mean but check the connection to your wheel speed sensors on all 4 wheels.

Maybe one is bad, disconnected or became wet and has corrosion... You might have to clean it, reconnect and make it leakproof.

However the connectors look good, disconnect and check them. I'm pretty sure thats the problem.

edit: If it's left front like Carla said start your search there :) It's easy to find, in the middle of your wheel on the inner side, a electrical connector with I think 2 or 3 pins inside.

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