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Escalade wheel thieves strike again

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NICHOLS HILLS, OK -- Two more Cadillac Escalades are left on blocks after thieves swipe the wheels during the middle of the night. A little more than a week ago, an Escalade was stripped of its wheels in Quail Creek. This past Saturday morning, thieves hit two more Escalades, this time in Nichols Hills.

Police believe it's a team of thieves looking for over-sized, chrome wheels.

Read More: http://www.kfor.com/news/local/kfor-news-escalade-thieves-strike-again-story,0,4474244.story


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Wow...that super sucks. Some people need to get a life. I have no respect for thieves, at all.


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230 grains of lead from a Colt .45 would stop the thieving thugs.

They wouldn't steal any more wheels.

....they wouldn't steal any more anything. Bear traps work well too, as was suggested for the person who wrote on my car.

How far do these people really think they are going to get before they get caught? You do something like this once, you will probably get away with it. You come back and do it again and you are asking to be found. I hope they do get caught because as I said, I have no respect for thieves. I mean, stealing food to feed your starving family is at least somewhat justifiable. Is it right? No, and I would still hold no respect for someone who would do that, but it at least has reason. This however is just selfish and stupid.

Sorry for the rant. I hate thieves.


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