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Disregarding the tony black slacks he’s wearing and the wet garage floor, Dave Leone is on his knees. “Look at this,” he says, shoving his hand between the top of a Cadillac CTS Coupe’s rear tire and the upper fender lip. “I call this the ‘Leone Finger Test.’ If three fingers fit, the gap’s too big. What I got here is two and three-quarters, max.”

He’s not done yet.

Leone next positions a ruler flat against the side of the flared rear fender and flat against the tire’s sidewall. “See that?” he asks, beaming. The ruler is perfectly vertical. “The wells on this car are completely filled, and the wheels line up flush with the body. Makes it look squat, purposeful. If you’ve got wheels just floatin’ around in there, well, to me that looks like a fat lady on skates.”

Leone has spent 30 of his 52 years toiling exclusively for Cadillac. He is the global chief engineer for the CTS—the sedan, the wagon, and now the coupe, arguably one of the most striking GM cars ever to choke its wheel wells.

Dave Leone sounds like he is a CaddyInfo kind of guy!

Read more: http://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/car/10...prototype_drive


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