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Hold the salt: How to fight winter car corrosion

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NEW YORK - Got a scratch? You wouldn't put salt in that wound. And if your car gets a ding, you'd be wise to follow the same advice.

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With snow and ice falling, trucks are spreading ice-melting salt to keep cars from skidding.

That same salt can corrode your car's body and undercarriage, turning nicks into nasty rust spots, even with protective paints and coatings.

Here are some simple, cost-effective ways to prevent corrosion during the season of road salt.



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I'm a weekly visitor to the "brushless" Car Wash where they routinely apply the "chassis bath" if you request the premium service. In the days following a snowstorm I take particular care to make certain the chassis bath is applied.

Anyone have any strong views on the efficacy of the chassis bath?



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I don't have STRONG views on it...but... :D

If I was driving anything better than an old rust bucket...and if I lived in a climate that usd salt on the roads...I would be going to the car wash that "DID" have a chassis bath.

Maybe it don't help that much...(I really don't "KNOW")...but I guarantee you, I would be using it anyway. :D

I figure, that "ANY" road salt that you could get off of it, will only help and for sure, soap and clean water isn't going to hurt anything.

I have been to all three coasts of this great United States...and sometimes real close to the water.

Like driving on the beach... (laughing)

When I leave the coast...I "ALWAYS" stop at a self service car wash and wash the car REALLY GOOD...spraying up under the wheel wells and up under the body to get salty sand and any other salt residue off of the car.

I am pretty fanatical about it.

Maybe I "DO" have "STRONG" views about it after all. :lol::lol::lol:

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