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Seville STS vs. SLS??

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This is probably a dumb question to some, but I am not clear on all of the differences between the Seville STS and the Seville SLS. I have recently started looking for a '99 or later Seville and have noticed quite a difference in the prices the beween the two. I have tried to get this information from sales people as well as the owners of both models but have received mostly vague and sometimes conflicting answers.

My shopping around has consisted mostly of the internet. I have had the opportunity ,so far, to drive only the SLS version.

I'm sure both versions share many obvious fine qualities. However, two of the possible differences that interest me, may be the quality of road handling (corner carving on twisty roads) and acceleration performance.

I understand there is a 275 HP and a 300 HP version. If so, is the 300 HP standard in the STS? If this is the case, then it would still seem there must be other differences to justify the price gap I have been encountering on the web.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could/would help me with finding the information I need.

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STS has more 'performance' stuff.. LIke performance shifting, different suspension, high power stereo system, and some other features i'm not sure (I think stuff like adaptive seats, different leather, etc.. ) The most obvious one is the cam change in the engine to make 300hp and the suspension. Just drive both, whichever one you like more, buy it :>

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You’re going to find that the STS leans more to performance than the SLS.

If acceleration is your measurement then in straight-ahead acceleration they are both about equal. From a stand still the 275 HP (SLS) version is probably a little quicker. At 70 MPH the 300 HP (STS) version is most likely the quicker of the two.

The STS comes better equipped than a SLS. If you can get a hold of a brochure just look at it and you will see what I mean.

The STS has a subdued front end (body colored grill) and fog/driving lights The SLS does not (until 2004 model year).

If handling is important then the STS runs circles around the SLS. There is just no comparison between the two.

On the inside they look pretty much the same, almost identical. The only difference I can think of is the SLS has solid leather for the seats while the STS has perforated leather on the seating cushion and the back of the seat.

If fuel consumption is important to you, then the SLS does much better than the STS. The final drive ratio in a STS is 3.70:1. The SLS is 3.11:1. Note, these numbers may not be exact but you can see they do make a difference. I have found using Deville as a standard (275 HP), it will get on the highway about 2 MPG difference on the same route.

They are both nice cars and unless you're just hung up on one of them, you won't be disappointed. For me, I preferred the STS. Why? I like the looks of the front end better (subdued) and that it did handle better. When you stomp the gas pedal the feel is basically the same. Actually a little peppier in the SLS at city speeds and on initial take off. At highway speeds (70-75 MPH) the STS is the healthier of the two. But the difference is minimal IMHO.

For the 1998 cars I believe all SLS top speed is limited to about 112 MPH, while as a minimum the STS is good for 130 MPH and some up to 150-155 MPH.

If possible I would suggest going to a dealer and try and find a model of each one and test-drive it. Try to find a curvy road to check out the handling. Keep in mind; the STS is no rail car.

Good Luck!

Jim White

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