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Blog Post: Cadillac Type 51 V8 Engine

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The V8 engine was actually invented about 1903 and produced in limited numbers by the French firm DeBion-Bouton. Introduced ...

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I believe that all these early V8's used single-plane crankshafts. Although a 90 degree V8 could have even firing like a straight 8 with a single-plane crankshaft, they have the same secondary vibration of a four cylinder engine. That's not an issue at lower RPMs. In the 1924 model year, Cadillac again provided a stunning innovation by producing their V8 with a two-plane crankshaft. Avoided earlier because a primary imbalance in a two-plane V8 crankshaft requires counterweights, the two-plane crankshaft V8 has no secondary vibrations because those in the two banks cancel out each other. The smoothness of this engine at any RPM revolutionized the industry, and since then all automobile V8s use dual-plane crankshafts. The 314 cid Cadillac V8 continued in production though the 1927 model year.

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