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Used Cadillac parts are now easier to get online, in a one stop shop directly from http://www.CadillacHeaven.com . After all, where do used Cadillacs go when they die? To Cadillac heaven, of course! Cadillac heaven, located in Leland NC, has been shipping both small and large Cadillac parts to customers worldwide since 1985, when it was first established.


Karen Bilich, of Cadillac Heaven, says: “We have always loved Cadillacs but it was extremely hard to find good used parts for these vehicles. We knew there were many other owners and enthusiasts out there who were having the same problem finding parts as we were. That’s where the idea for our business came from. We wanted to help other owners of Detroit’s most respected brand, the Cadillac, to find the parts they need from a friendly, reputable company. We started this company long before the internet, mainly drawing on referrals from customers.”

Cadillac Heaven specializes in used Cadillac parts from model years 1960 to 2002. They have a massive inventory featuring a wide range of classic Cadillac parts for the Eldorado, Seville, Fleetwood, Fleetwood Brougham, 60 Special, Convertible, as well as other vintage parts. “We get a lot of customers looking for parts for the Cadillac Hearse,” Karen said.“Given our name, I’d say that’s appropriate!”

Cadillac Heaven is getting ready to celebrate their 25th year in business. “We have thoroughly enjoyed the past 25 years,” Karen states. “Cadillac enthusiasts are a particularly sophisticated breed of customer, and we treat them as such.”

We have both old retired Cadillacs, and late model Cadillacs that have lived their lives wrecklessly.

Cadillac Heaven is your contact for used cadillac body parts and vital organs.

With our company Cadillacs never really die, they just go to Cadillac Heaven.

Give your Cadillac remains dignity by placing them with us in Cadillac Heaven.

"So That Others May Live"

I may try to go by this place next time I am in Carolina -- might be a fun walk-around, and their site says they are 1 hour north of Myrtle Beach.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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