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driver's side power window switches do not light up


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I hae a 97 Deville base model. The controls for the power windows work but do not light up so I have to feel for the switches at night. Not a big deal but it would be nice to fix the problem. I called the Cadillac dealer and he said that the bulbs were internal and the whole unit would need to be replaced for $150. No fuses are blown and everything works. If this is accurate information does anyone know a better and more affordable place to purchase this unit. Also, does anyone know the correct name and/or part number for this thing? Thanks in advance!

Steve Keitel

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those switches are always on ebay - although you'll have to match the color. I thought the bulb was one of those twist outs (It has a light blue socket). did you have work done recently? - could be the connector just came undone. If you are handy with a soldering gun, I'm sure at worst case, you can get a bulb from radio shack, and solder it on.

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The dealer is correct - the whole switch unit needs to be replaced. The bulb is internal to the switch panel and the switch unit can't be taken apart without destroying the rocker portion of the switches. This is the bulb that lights up a small yellow rectangle patch on each of the four switches.

There is also a light that shines down from above the switch unit. It is a twist out type on a plastic base. GM doesn't sell the bulb but you can get one from a Honda dealer. They're about five bucks though which is a complete ripoff.

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