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Deville hard to start


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I have a '97 Deville base model with 127K that is difficult to start. It usually takes several seconds of cranking to get it started. It runs great but after I turn it off for five to ten minutes it needs the extra cranking. If I turn it off and start it up immediately it starts up fine. I've changed the plugs, the fuel filter and had the entire fuel system flushed. I've had it pressure tested and everything checks out. My mechanic says it is one or more bad injectors. He says that the seals are causing the injector(s) to slowly leak fuel into the cylinder as the car sits. He, of course, recommends replacing all injectors and the fuel pressure regulator (all for the low , low price of almost $800!). First, is his diagnosis correct or is there a simpler fix? If I do need to replace the injectors can you recommend a low price website? Are remanufactured ok or should I stick with new? Thanks so much in advance.

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Sounds like classic symptoms of a failed fuel pressure regulator. Not a big deal at all! Somebody with a little more experience than myself will most likely chime in here, but start with the regulator.

I'm not 100% sure about the DeVille, but I'd assume the regulator would be in the same place as on my Eldorado. If you remove the top beauty cover on the engine, you'll see a small round apparatus on the top, rear-side of the intake. It will be sitting on the fuel rail, and have a small vacuum tube attached to it. With the engine idling, pull the vacuum tube off. If raw fuel is spitting out of the nipple on the regulator, the rubber diaphragm has failed.

I looked quickly on rockauto.com, and it's priced at about $40. I forget the installation steps, but it was very easy - just a few clips and a gasket - took less than 10 minutes to change.

Start with the regulator before you worry about the injectors! Especially if it's never been changed... it's long overdue! (Mine failed at about 80k miles.) B)

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My wifes 96 etc had very similar issues, dealer said it needed new injectors also, thanks to reading issues on this site I changed the fuel pressure regulator and never had another problem. FPR cost about $50.00, be sure to get an AC DELCO. Good Luck.

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I have had alot of experience with this on my 97 Deville. You said the the fuel pressure was checked, did they tell you what the pressure was? It should be between 42-45 lbs. If it is less then look for a vacuum leak, if there is no vacuum leak then your fuel pump is failing. Next, check the FPR. Take the beauty cover off and you can not miss it. I is a small cylinder with a vacuum line coming out the top and attached to the fuel line with a clip. To check it pull the vacuum line off and have someone turn the key on(engine off) this will pressurize the fuel system. Check the nozzle on the FPR and see if gas is present, if so, it is bad. If not, it still maybe bad. I would change it anyway as long as you have problems. If your fuel pressure is good my bet would be the FPR. Are there any codes?

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