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Are you asking because you need touch up paint for your DTS? In that case please look at the equipment options list that is on the bottom side of the spare tire cover (the underside of the floor of the trunk over the spare tire) for your paint code. Check http://www.paintscratch.com/ for touch up paint by year and model and color combination.

If you are shopping for a newer DTS, which year are you looking at?

Generally, the white lightning is a metallic white goldish tint with pearl; the white diamond is a metallic white tint with pearl.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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The Diamond White on a '98 - '04 Seville is a slightly creamy white with a silver metallic twist.

The 2000+ Deville color White Ligntning is "whiter" than Diamond White and shows a gold metallic hue under certain lighting conditions.


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White Diamond Pearl is the common pearlescent white you see from most manufacturers, nice, subdued deep pearl effect. It's a three coat system with white base and pearl white over, topped by CLEARCOAT.

White Lightning is probably a three coat system too, but instead of a topcoat of CLEAR, the topcoat contains "Flip-Flop" metalflake. The Flip-Flop contains small chips of what I would call Irridescent Flake, metalflake (more likely striated plastic) that changes color when light is reflected from different angles. Think of "Hologram" to get the idea. You may have seen some cars or trucks topcoated with Flip-Flop clear as an accent, like flames.

It's a cool effect with the White Diamond, rather subtle. I'm not so sure about the 2008 Cadillac color that topcoats a Blue with the F/F...NOT too subtle. Changing from Blue to Gold to Silver to Green is not subtle enough for me! There are a few other "Lightning" colors too. Cadillac seems to be the biggest producer (maybe the ONLY producer) of factory production cars with Lightning anything.

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