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How much are your Cadillac Payments as a % of your net income?

Bruce Nunnally

How much is your Cadillac monthly payment as a percentage of your net income?  

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  1. 1. How much is the car payment on your Cadillac as a percentage of your net income?

    • 0%, My Cadillac is paid for!
    • <10% Low payments, High enjoyment
    • 10-12%
    • 13-15%
    • >15%

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How much are the payments on your Cadillac as a percentage of your net income (take home pay)?

Just consider the payments on the purchase of the automobile, not insurance, gas, maintenance, repairs, etc please.


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I typically only pay cash for all my cars.

Buying an asset that depreciates via a payment plan is not the best move financially.


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The only car I had payments on was my '93 Fleetwood Brougham and that was paid off in 1996 so I voted the 0%.

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When I was younger, I always had car payments.

Sometimes REAL BIG ones. :lol:

At that time, it was a significant portion of my income.

I didn't have the money or resources to do it any other way and I thought I REALLY NEEDED whatever car I was buying at the time.

If I had back a portion of the money I spent, UNNECESSARILY, buying new cars every two or three years, I could have retired several years ago.

As I have got older...I have a severe aversion to payments OF ANY KIND.

The current DTS...I paid 30K down and financed 12.5K at -0- interest for 24 months...making the payments just a hair over $500 a month.

After a few months, I was tired of making the payments...called them for the payoff, and sent it in.

No more payments.

The next one...in a year or so...I will probably trade this one in...and finance a small amount, for a short time...just to stay in good standing with GMAC. :D

Then again...depending on my mood that day...the phase of the moon..which way the wind is blowing...I may just pay the cash difference and walk out with it all paid for. :lol:

Don't really know yet. :D:D

I DO KNOW, that it will most likely be a CPO.

This is probably the last new car I will ever buy.

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