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Steering Wheel Switches

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I changed the switches on my 2003 Escalade.Very easy job just slowly pull them out with two screwdrivers and disconnect the plug, make sure you hold the wire connecter up. I changed two of mind in about 10min.. My lights all burnt out. If you can find replacement size bulbs they can be resoldered in the switches

The switches cost about $20 bucks each.

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Thank you for posting. So did you solder new bulbs in yours? Or did the replacement switches include bulbs?


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Thank you for posting. So did you solder new bulbs in yours? Or did the replacement switches include bulbs?

I bought new lights from Radio Shack part # 2721092 PK2 12V Microlamp

2 lights for $1.79.I soldered them in ,took abot 30min. They work great

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I just finished replacing one of the bulbs (the SEEK button) in a steering wheel switch this afternoon. I went to Radio Shack and bought the bulb was that mentioned here on this post (Radio Shack part # 272-1092). I can offer a few hints to make the job go easier if anybody chooses to do this on their Escalade rather than replacing the entire switch.

First off, to get the switch out, gently pry it out with a small screwdriver working it back and forth from left to right and back again. Once the switch is out, you can use the small screwdriver to push the release tab on the plug. Gently pull the gray colored plug off the back of the switch. Once you have the switch out, open up the switch with a small screwdriver, pull out the circuit board, remove the blue colored rubber backing and now you should be able to get to the burned out bulb. I used a very fine tipped soldering iron to unsolder it. Be very careful not to touch any other parts of the circuit board with the hot iron. Oh, before you unsolder the bulb, remove the blue rubber cover so you do not melt it. Once the bulb was out, I used a miniature drill bit to drill a tiny hole in each one of the soldering points to insert the metal legs of the new bulb into. I chose not to reuse the white plastic base that the old bulb sat in because it would have been almost impossible to resolder the new bulb in. Pull the metal legs of the new bulb through the two holes just drilled so the bulb sits at the same height as it was before. Solder the bulb in, and cut the excess protruding through the back. Replace the blue bulb cap, reassemble the switch, and now comes the fun of getting the plug in the pocket of the steering wheel, back into the switch.

This part took longer than the actual repair job. The wire is ridiculously short and is a P.I.T.A to get back in. Finally after prodding it with a small screwdriver (took 25 min's.), I heard a reassuring "click" and the switch was reconnected. Just push the switch assembly back into the steering wheel and you're good-to-go. It was an easy repair (except for reconnecting the plug) and cost me a whopping $1.79. Works GREAT too! Somehow I'm sure I will be repairing one of the other 8 bulbs in the future, but I will know exactly what the deal is now. I hope this helps.



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I just bought 4 new switches for my 06 Escallade. If I pry the switch out carefully will it pop out so I can just plug the new switches in and are the bulbs in the switches I just bought or will I still have to solder in new bulbs?


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If you bought new switches from GM, the bulbs are part of the switches. It sucks that they use inferior bulbs that burn out so soon and then make you buy the whole switch assembly just to get the bulb...

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Thanks for this thread guys. Three of the four switches in my truck were inoperable when I purchased it recently, so I went to the local Cadillac dealer and was appalled by how much they wanted for the switches. Thanks to google, I found this site, and had to go to three separate Radio Shacks to get three packs of the micro lamps. The two switches on the bottom of the steering wheel (small two button ones) were a pure PITA to negotiate back into its position. I used the fishing line method mentioned above, except I had dental floss, and it took a solid ten minutes to finally get both to snap back in place. The buttons work and look great and for $6 to fix them all sure beats the hundreds you'd pay getting new switches at the dealer!

Thanks again for the great write ups.

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