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Intermittent po741 code


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96 eldorado, 4t80e trans. Had been getting an intermittent po741 code. I would clear it, it wouldn't return for 1000 miles. Then it became more frequent. Finally decided to investigate. Harness connector was full of trans fluid, I cleaned it out with electrical contact cleaner and compressed air, checked resistance at pins t-u (11.5 ohms; within limits, it was a 70 degree afternoon), applied dielectric grease in harness connection, re-connected and went for test drive. At 50 mph tapped brake, rpm incresed 100 rpm. Did this twice with same result. Slowed to 30 mph, then accelerated back to 50 mph. Got a po741 code for that maneuver! Turned around and headed back to the house. Hadn't cleared the code at this point. On the way back, at 50 mph tapped brake and rpm increased by 50. Still thinking about changing the TCC solenoid - have one orderd. Anyone have a suggestion?

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