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I have a problem code that I am not familiar with. I have a 2000 Deville that continues getting Stability code that decodes to C1287. I have seen in several areas on the internet that this is a Steering Sensor code and then one other area I seen it as a Booster Pedal Force Switch. So which is the corect discription for this code and what could be poosibly be causing the malfunction? Would excessive worn brake pads cause this code? Do I need to take this to the dealer for repair and pay $500 as one post suggested or can I fix the problem? I appreciate any input that you may have regarding this issue.

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Here's the intro / summary from the shop manual for C1287 for a 2000 Cadillac Deville:

DTC C1287 Steering Sensor Rate Malfunction w/JL4

The steering wheel position sensor supplies 2 analog inputs, Phase A and Phase B, to the EBCM. The 2 input signals are approximately 90 degrees out of phase. By interpreting the relationship between the 2 inputs, the EBCM can determine the position of the steering wheel and the direction of steering wheel rotation.

Steer angle centering is the process by which the EBCM calibrates the steering sensor output so that the output reads zero when the steering wheel is centered. Using the yaw rate input, lateral accelerometer input, and wheel speed sensor inputs, the initial steering center position is calculated after driving greater than 10 km/h (6 mph) for more than 10 seconds in a straight line on a level surface.

Conditions for Running the DTC

The ignition is ON.

Conditions for Setting the DTC

One of the following conditions occur:

* The steering wheel position sensor is synchronized and the steer rate (speed that the steering wheel appears to be turning) is greater than 1100 degrees/second.

* The steer rate is less than 10 degrees/second and the difference in the phase angle between Phase A and Phase B is greater than 20 degrees.

* The 2 steering sensor signals (Phase A and Phase B) do not agree for 1 second. Under this condition, this DTC will set along with DTC C1281.

Action Taken When the DTC Sets

* The EBCM disables the VSES for the duration of the ignition cycle.

* The DIC displays the SERVICE STABILITY SYS message.

* The ABS/TCS remains functional.

Conditions for Clearing the DTC

* The condition for the DTC is no longer present and the DTC is cleared with a scan tool.

* The EBCM automatically clears the history DTC when a current DTC is not detected in 100 consecutive drive cycles.

Diagnostic Aids

* During diagnosis, park the vehicle on a level surface.

* Check the vehicle for proper alignment. The car should not pull in either direction while driving straight on a level surface.

* Find out from the driver under what conditions the DTC was set (when the DIC displayed the SERVICE STABILITY SYS message). This information will help to duplicate the failure.

* The Snapshot function on the scan tool can help find an intermittent DTC.

There is also a diagnostic table, and a circuit diagram. A lot of the diagnostic table is focused on circuit analysis.

You can get a new shop manual from Helm Inc at http://www.helminc.com for around $125 but you can often find them on ebay as well.


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