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How was Northstar tested?


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bbobynski, maybe I would feel better about my high temperature phobia if I knew how strenuous your failure testing was. For instance I would love to know things like, "Yes Mike we ran it full throttle for x number of hours/days etc under extreme conditions such as....." or it was run at our Arizona testing grounds for the month of August with an average temp of 101...lol.... What can you tell us about the toughness of this engine and your findings? thanks, Mike

PS: BTW, speaking of Arizona, I am off on vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona a week from tomorrow, hope to visit Sedona and climb Squaw Peak. I love it there! And yes I know its 1/2 mile from the sun this time of year (but its dry heat :blink: ) Rented a 2004 Deville, hope to do some of my own testing, :lol:

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