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Xeon bulb replacement on a CTS -05


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Dear all

I am about to change left headlight bulb (Xeon) in my Cts -05. Do anyone know how i shall losen the elctrical connector? It would be nice if anyone had a picture of it. I try to take it from the engine compartment and have taken out the airfilter box and manage to take the lamp out a little bit but the wiring is to short to take it out complet so I can see snaps or what it is that hold it.

I have driven with a bulb that goes on and ou for a least 6 months now. I have to turn the headlight of and the on again several times and suddenly it works for several hours of driving. But i herad some more with same problem so i suppose it just the bulb and not the ballast.

I know I should try to change left with right but the right side seems quit difficult to reach. (you have to move fusebox, databoxes and more)

Best REgards


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Here is a link that will show you how to replace the 05 CTS headlight. Scroll down and notice you can enlarge the image by clicking on "View Full Image".

I recently replaced the left Xenon headlight for my 05 STS and I had to loosen the grille and bumper cover. I didn't have to take it completely off, I just disassembled enough to be able to get at the 4 bolts that secure the headlight. The only way to get at the headlights is to remove the entire headlight assembly. Also, if the Xenon isn't working, check the harness connection, including the wires. It's possible that one of the wires corroded inside the harness connection causing the headlight not to work. This is the problem I ran into.

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