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Clean The Windows of Your Car

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I "HAVE NOT" tried this on TINTED WINDOWS.

If you have tint...use at your own risk.

To get your windows so sparkling clean that they almost seem to disappear...try this...

It works GREAT on all of the glass in your car...INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the glass.

Take several sheets of crumpled up newspaper and a spray bottle of Windex with you to the car.

Spray a little Windex on the window and then wipe it briskly with a sheet, or maybe a half sheet, of crumpled up newspaper...whatever size wad of paper that fits your hand.

I have better luck if I only try to do about 1/4 or less of the windshield at a time.

I do small areas at a time, because I am short and have short arms. :D:D

Guys like BBF that are 9 foot tall with long arms...it might be different.

Just kidding, Mike. :D:D

It also works really well to take old accumulated film off of the inside of the windows, but you MAY have to go over it twice if the film is really, really, heavy.

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Good post. Let's get the rest of the tricks people know into posts!

It's hard to think of them as tricks...when you have done "IT" (whatever "IT" is) for years and "ASSUME" that everyone else knows it too. :D:D

Need to think outside the box...

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Having used this trick when I had my Mustang with Tinted Windows it does work and will (***Should***) not harm the film. I have yet to do this with the Cadillac as I have stopped all newspaper deliveries in my area because my favorite went under :(

Sean M.

1997 Cadillac DeVille

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