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If you don't like the default text size here on the site, on a Windows PC you can hold down the control key then roll the mouse button to change the default text size in the current application. In this case I am using Firefox to view Caddyinfo, and by holding down the control button then rolling the mouse wheel I can zoom the text up a couple of levels so that it is easier to see on my LCD monitor at the default screen rez I use. You can also use the plus or minus sign; control + is the shortcut key for zoom in, Control - for zoom out. The mouse wheel just acts as the +/-.

To reset the text size in Firefox you would choose on the menu View - Zoom - Reset.


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Interesting, Works on my Windows/Firefox setup too. I just tried it on Linux/Firefox and it works there too. The <Ctrl>+, <Ctrl>-, and <Ctrl>0 functions are the zoom in/out and reset shortcuts for Photoshop and many other apps, too.

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Way cool!

Also works with CTRL + touchpad slidebar on my laptop.

Suddenly my eyesight is improving!

Imagine that!



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