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Rear window leak


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I've been killing some of the bugs that came with my new Eldorado (94). The trunk leak was a rear window seal leak. I had my bodyman (He's a big fan of my wife and 17 year old son's driving styles) put a replacement seal in. The window is tinted and I just didn't feel like tackling it. He said that after he took the window and seal out there were three spots where you could see there was never any glue or sealant applied, and that this had been leakink for a long time. I mentioned that I didn't think the new seal looked the same and he said that this was the new redesigned GM rear window seal. Hope that's it.

Doe"s anybody know of a way to tighten the rearview mirror? Mine vibrates a little and I can' find a set screw to tighten like my 85's had. At least I think they did.

What do some of you gentlemen use for windshield wipers? There seems to be a clearance issue involved.



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