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Window lift motor replacemention tips?

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Hi all,

I've got both power windows failing on the driver side.

Nasty ratcheting grinding sound and sticking.

When I unmount the lift motors they seem to run ok.

Does this seem to you like the motors are just too weak now or is there a problem with the geared piece they hook into? One of the motors is a remanned replacement I put in that doesn't seem to have lasted that long.

When installing replacement motors should the window be rolled all the way up or down or does it not matter? Don't want to burn through another or damage anything..

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hey i have a 94 deville and iv replaced the motors just go to advanced auto parts or auto zone a new one is 20 bucks or so watch out thou when i tried to buy the drivers side window motor they gave me the passenger side make sure you look at it and keep your receipts haha but there fairly cheap, and i had my windows up, but i dont think it really matters

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