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PC 1632


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Hello all, recently ive been having a bout of the old wait 3 minutes. Scoured all of the responses here. The car has a aftermarket remote start, I checked the wiring, the orange wire, and I believe there is a resistor in there according to the installer. I wiggled the wire and wiggled and wiggled, I really didnt want to cut the tape off at this point, and I couldnt get it to replicate the problem.

I checked the PCM fuse under the hood, and it came back with a reading of .6-7. Car starts fine, right now,

Here is the code that was in the history, PC1632, Theft deterrent fuel disable signal received, but no other PASS type codes.

Anyone have any ideas before I have no hair left? Thanks in advance!! <_<

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So much of the electronics on these cars is integrated. Seems every time someone installs an aftermarket remote start there are problems. Personally, I'd get rid of it and start it the old fashioned way, the way God intended, with a key. Other than that I am sorry, but I can't be of much help.

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