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06 xlr trunk seal

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The wather seal/gasket on the trunk of my 06xlr has, over time lost it adherence to the body in some places and is torn in some others. Is it a big deal to replace myself, if not hints. Is it better to just have dealer do the job?

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Normally one might just remove the current seal, clean the surface, then ensure a good fit for a new replacement seal.

However, with the hydraulic operation of the trunk on the XLR, I think you will want the dealer to handle it.

Folding Top Storage Compartment Panel Seal Replacement - Rear

1. Open the rear compartment.

2. Place a protective covering over the interior and the adjacent body panels.

3. Locate the hydraulic pump beneath the carpet in the storage compartment on the driver side of the trunk.

4. Turn the hydraulic pump bypass valve (1) counterclockwise the valve stops.

5. Pull the over-center links (1) down to unlock the storage compartment panel.

6. Pull the panel rearward.

7. Grasp the compartment panel seal.

8. Pull up on the weatherstrip to release the weatherstrip from the compartment panel flange.

9. Remove the weatherstrip from the flange.


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