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GM sold some cars today


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Yeah...I agree. The article is sort of worded wrong.

Saturn Parkway and I-65 interchange are about 35 miles south of Nashville.

It would have been Spring Hill fire department.

It's a goofy spot to get too fast. I suspect brake fire on the trailer. Maybe 5 miles from the plant and city of Spring Hill. By the time the fire deparment got there, 3 of the SUV's were on fire.

Not 'by the time he stopped the truck.'

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I drive am 18-wheeler for a living and have seem this several times. It is usually caused by a tire fire. An underinflated or flat tire becomes hot enough to catch fire. When you are going down the interstate at 65-70 mph your only indication will be a little smoke and it can be difficult to see in your mirrors. Most of the time another driver with bring it to your attention before it actually bursts into flames and you can pull over and let the tire cool. Once the tire is actually on fire, there is not really much you can do about it but let it burn until the fire department gets there with lots and lots of water!

But as someone else stated, at least Chevrolet was able to sell a truckload of SUV's to someone! Even thought it was the insurance company! :lol::lol::o

2001 Deville, Sterling Silver exterior with Dark Gray leather, 93k miles

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