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2003 STS Bose system-low bass

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Others will chime in, but I had the same issue on my 2001 STS.

I actually had more bass in my 1997 STS, which was also a Bose system but

without the sub.

I found that certain cd's had great bass response, but most of my burned cd's

sounded very weak.

I basically found the factory system to be rich sounding on some material, but

weak on most cd's at low volume.

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2003 STS, Crimson Pearl

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I have a 1997 Eldorado with the Bose system. I keep my bass turned halfway down to avoid boominess in the FM and most CD's, particularly those like Moby's "Play" that use a strong bass rhythm undercurrent for some songs. I think that it may all be in the equalization for "gracious listening" or some such. Turn up the bass, it's just a knob.

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My 98' STS always seemed to have "low bass" as well. My current 01' STS with the same system seems to have much more bass than 98' did. The system is definetly not tuned for huge "rap bass" and I am personally glad it's not. I agree....crank up the bass and crank it up. We should also remember that it is a BOSE system and the speakers are still paper cone and ruber coil to save cost.

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