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Are you Loyal to GM?

Bruce Nunnally

New Poll, Post emergence from Bankruptcy: Are you GM loyal? Will your next Vehicle definitely be built by GM?  

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  1. 1. New Poll, Post emergence from Bankruptcy: Are you loyal to GM?

    • Yes, all of my vehicles are GM and I won't buy anything but GM!
    • Not really, I just like Cadillac. I like other brand for trucks, vans, etc.
    • I just like Cadillac, I buy whatever else is cheap.
    • Absolutely not! I just got a good deal on my Cadillac.

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I have all GM vehicles.

As far as I know....My next one will also be a GM.

My son has GM.

Three of my brothers have GM.

One brother (I hate to admit) has a Hemi Dodge pickup...but it was really his wife that wanted it. :D:D

But he did have several GM's before he got the Dodge.

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Here in Hollywood, I'd only have GM. But I also have a place in Mexico, and I needed a SUV down there, and bought a Nissan Pathfinder because I can get it fixed there and GM products are more troublesome in that regard.

Other than that, here, if I had to buy another car, it'd be hard to talk me out of a GM.

My mother wanted a domestic station wagon in 2000, and the only thing she'd buy was a Sable. I'm amazed that it's held up as well as it has - but - she's ready for something new and I'm brainwashing her to get a red CTS wagon. She's balking at the price, but, I think she's coming around gradually. It's a beautiful car.

I've always had GM cars in the US, except a couple of times when I was given cars - one time a Ford Granada, one time a '70 Datsun pickup, one time a Ford 250 van. Each of those was a troublefree vehicle, but they were always spare cars, and my GM product, Eldorados for the past 20 years or so, has always been my main car.

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I had a Plymouth of opportunity in the early 1970's and I strayed in the 1980's but a Quad 4 HO brought me back to the fold in 1989 (while I was checking the blocks for the employee discount as a Hughes Aircraft employee but focused on a Taurus SHO). Since then we have bought three new Pontiacs and a new Cadillac.

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