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BBC: Wheeler Dealers

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I have been enjoying a show called Wheeler Dealers that appears on HD Theater channel, which is 631 on the local FiosTV.

The premise of the show is that a duo of a Salesman and a Mechanic select a vehicle, buy it, refurbish it, and sell it for a profit.

They detail their evaluation of the car before buying, context of the car, insight into what type of things tend to go wrong. Then they keep a list of each item they replace or repair, with associated cost. Finally, they sell the car to a buyer, and tend to make a profit.

The thing I leave the show thinking is that almost any car with the proper attention and updates can be a well-loved daily driver.

Mostly British market cars, as the show is in the UK. Also, when figuring costs they assume the mechanic time is free, or one would presume the two split the profits by some formula. Regardless, the time invested by either person is not considered with regard to profits. Not really the point, as the real beauty of the show is that one can buy an 'ugly' vehicle and fix it up quite well and very reasonably.


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One of my favorite shows as well.

Nice to see what difference it can make with some touch-ups!

I'm using the same concept myself when buying and selling cars (I like to change car a few times a year, hobby/addiction :rolleyes:)

Anyway, from my point of view they tend to spend a bit to much money on the spare parts, instead of searching for used parts on eBay etc.

This always eat up their profit.

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Love the show, Bruce.

I've never seen it on tv, but I love watching it on the internet.

I think my favourite episode was when they fixed up a mid 80's Corvette.

They kept referring to "dodgy" American electronics reliability ... this coming from the

land of Lucas, Prince of Darkness :D:D

I also enjoyed the episodes featuring a Porche 928, Mercedes 450SL, Lexus LS400, and

Saab 900.

The shorter guy has quite the charm about him when it comes to low balling the original purchase.

After fixing up the cars, they seem to just about give them away for very little profit.

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